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  • Store decoration construction process
    The construction process of storefront renovation The 1 approach, wall, wall. 2 cut line groove, water and electricity transformation and acceptance. 3 hydropower renovation project hidden buried slot. 4 carpentry approach, hanging ceiling, gypsum corner. 5 package door, window cover, making wooden cabinet frame. 6 synchronous production of all kinds of wooden doors, plastic doors and flat pressure. 7 wooden panel brush dustproof paint (oil). 8 window laying marble table leveling. 9 wood trim panel paste, line production and fine installation. 10 metope processing, grinding, leveling. 11 furniture, door seam adhesive (protection). 12 wall oil ICI at least three times. 13 furniture paint approach, eye patch, paint. The 14 corner, laying tiles, wood or composite wood floors, marble waterproof, skirting board. 15 lamps, sanitary ware, handle, door lock installation and commissioning. 16 cleaning, floor tile repair, remove the field. 17 interior decoration company preliminary inspection. Three 18 party booking time, delivery of the owners.
  • Hotel room standard design
          hotel room standard design      public corridor and room door: guest rooms are from the guest room door, must keep in mind that this, public corridors should focus on the lighting of the room door (purpose lighting). Door frame and the door wall of yang angle is easily damaged parts, the design need to consider the protection, steel door frame should be is a good idea, deformation, impact resistance. In addition, the door design should focus on performance, with real wood furniture and color design language interoperability, the width of the door leaf to 880-900mm appropriate. If unable to reach, so in the furniture design must to grasp the scale.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; indoor porch area: conventional room architectural design will form at the entrance to a 1.0-1.2 m wide small corridor, the door is on one side of the wardrobe into the wall. Expert advice: if you have the condition, as far as possible to arrange the wardrobe in the bed area, the guests will feel very convenient, but also to solve the long and narrow space inside the door to accommodate too many functions, causing inconvenience to use. Of course, entrance wardrobe can also do, especially in small space in the room. Some small investment budget rooms can even save a jumpsuit cupboard door. Only one use “ cavity ” can be directly put into the luggage. Business rooms upscale, can also increase in this area, ready to Taiwan hairdressing. Table 30cm depth. Guests can also put some of the system supplies, is a very thoughtful, considerate functional design.      working area: a writing desk as the center. Furniture design to become the soul of this region. Strong and perfect business functions in this embodiment. Broadband, fax, telephone and one one sockets will be neatly arranged, messy wires should also receive clean. Writing desk location should be carefully considered, good lighting and sight is very important. Not necessarily as wall as in the past and sitting room.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; entertainment and leisure area, receive a visitor area: previous business standard rooms in the design drawing function is gradually weakening. From the point of view of the housing guest, he hopes the guest room is private, totally free. In the future visitors to the room in a variety of inconvenience. From the hotel operator point of view, in the guest room in the hotel reception of course as to the place of business reception. The production efficiency, What is there against it?? This transformation is a more comfortable and enjoyable function of the guest room, and a space condition for advancing. Design can be read, enjoy music, and many other functions to increase in, change in the room can only lie on the bed watching TV in a single situation.      bed area: This is the largest area of the functional area of the whole room. Bedside screen and bedside table becomes a key problem in design. In order to meet the needs of different guests, convenient hotel sales, between the two beds does not set the bedside table or a simple table device is arranged, when needed can be folded up. As to focus on the control panel not to mention, this is the most out of the room in the device. Table to be set up on both sides of the bed, because it functions very simple, easy to use the most important, must not be too complex. Bedside back screen and wall is relatively complete room in the room, you can focus on characterization. But to pay attention to bed above a horizontal plane 70cm around the area, head location of the guests easy dirty, need to consider the antifouling materials, adjustable light a lamp or lamps (wall as well), shaping the light environment of bed area is very important, can not be ignored.      bathroom: bathroom space is independent, wind, water, electricity system is staggered complex. Equipment, the area is small, should follow the principle of human engineering, human nature design. In this regard, the dry and wet area of separation, toilet area separation is an international trend, to avoid mutual interference, cross function.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1. The basin area: mesa and makeup mirror is the focus of bathroom design, it is necessary to pay attention to the above the basin with the quartz lamp lighting and specular unilateral or bilateral wall lamp lighting, the two best are not missing.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2. Then District: first ventilation, lighting is good, an often neglected issue is phone and toilet paper rack position, are often installed here toilet back wall and inconvenient to use. In addition, the design of the small bookcase with the ash tray also shows the hotel's careful and thoughtful.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 3. The bath area bathtub whether to retain the owners often become & ldquo; chicken & rdquo; problem and most of the guests reluctant to use the bath, the bath itself has also brought increasing load, and increasing investment, to extend the time for housing many unfavorable factors, unless it is the grade of the wine shop level and room is equipped with a bath, otherwise can fine shower instead, save space and reduce investment. Also regardless of whether the use of a bathtub, shower area of the wall material in the choice to avoid not easy to clean materials, like frosted or sub quality should be used with caution.      4 other equipment: high humidity and high temperature, good ventilation equipment is very important. Can choose to exhaust air mask and the body of the separation and installation of the way (panel on the ceiling, the fuselage on the wall), can greatly reduce the operating noise, also extended the use of life, the wall is easy to install the use of dry hair, resonance occurs, it is also necessary to pay attention to! About control room in the circuit control, generally refers to the lights of the circuit and switch control. Obviously, the old centralized control panel is not easy to use, it is not appropriate to continue to use. “ family ” the requirements of the hotel will be the control mode, and back to the home mode --- in the vicinity of the corresponding lighting lamps have a corresponding switch panel control, concise and clear, consistent with the use of the guests.
  • How to avoid the rework of the hotel decoration design
          how to avoid the hotel decoration design rework of       Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen and other first tier cities, there are people who have experience in the hotel to build experience, in the course of the renovation of the hotel, especially in the middle and later period, often there will be rework phenomenon, and the vast majority of electrical and mechanical. According to their own many years of experience in the hotel decoration summary of the general steps to build the hotel, the hotel will be built in accordance with this step will bring good.       basically all the hotels have a time limit for the hotel operators, the shorter the time limit for the better, a shorter period of time can save the hotel rental costs, faster will be the hotel to open business, create profit and value. So in this big premise, the hotel to build a lot of engineering has become “ multilateral ” engineering, which leads to a lot of design work and construction work, etc. do not have enough time to coordinate, so as to rework buried hidden trouble. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; basic on a hotel project set, design consultant will moves plotting according to requirements of investors, waiting for choice after the construction party again later drawings, here basically are not what problem. But the next Electromechanical, refined decoration and curtain wall will often out of the problem, due to the lack of synchronization is often the structure of the construction is a long time, these three standards are not set down. In particular, the mechanical and electrical and refined decoration, and related to each other too much, deepening the process is not only required to coordinate with each other, but also requires the construction and other professional structure to follow. And finally lead to the design side, side bidding, construction and modification and in accordance with the views of fire protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention and environmental approvals and other also modified accordingly, plus on the middle of the project acceptance, resulting in a edge submittal, while acceptance, can be described as a multilateral, therefore in the early stage of design inspection must good decoration company, especially in first tier cities inside the decoration company, avoid let the affiliated company's small decoration company to do the project, especially Beijing decoration company, decoration company in Shanghai, Shenzhen decoration company first tier cities pay attention to study.       how to avoid this kind of phenomenon in the process of building the hotel must have a high quality project manager. Because the hotel is in the construction period, because the investor pays great attention to the project progress, but because many investors do not understand the hotel, therefore it is difficult to carry on the comprehensive and detailed supervision to the hotel from the overall situation. Therefore, if investors want to ensure the high quality of the hotel to complete the construction work, we must have a high quality project manager for the hotel to build the whole process of supervision. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; time limit for a project is short, the disjointed, construction passing these are fundamental cause rework phenomenon, progress of the node set professional co-ordination caused by lack of, again with strain capacity and part of the system to the lack of professional knowledge and details of the index by poor, rework is inevitable. The hotel before the opening of several stages is quite important, relatively speaking, the late to raise, trial operation, business is relatively secondary.       therefore, it is necessary to design and manage the hotel management company which is to build up the hotel management company in the course of hotel investment. Otherwise it will make the construction period of tense, rework phenomenon, resulting in a lot of time and money wasted.
  • New home after 80 new new ideas
    With the literature on & ldquo; 80 & rdquo; a word coming out. Today, & ldquo; 80 & rdquo; it has become the pursuit of fashion in the contemporary era, don't get bogged down in young people the traditional pronoun. This generation of young people in clothing, food, shelter, and all aspects of the performance of their own unique personality and taste. On the other hand, & ldquo; 80 & rdquo; a generation to the marriageable age, nearly two years of marriage of young people also in their majority. So, buy a house, decoration, marriage has become a hot topic of their.With the advent of the Chinese new year, young people, especially “ after 80 ” the marriage of a small climax is coming, to this end, we have to focus on their new home decoration, together to discuss “ 80 ” in the new home decoration, which are different from the previous new ideas.The decoration of the new style: comfortable, simple toneZhang is a typical & ldquo; 80&rdquo. Recently, she was ready to get married with her boyfriend, new homes in North Central Woodcrest Hill, now, new home decoration has become their first heavy drama. Although the decoration has not started, but she mind has about a map, is a simple, comfortable tone, at the same time to reflect their personality. Hope to be fully reflected in the design of housing.“ it can be used for this. & rdquo; is a decorative Zhengzhou branch store of Zheng Bian chief designer sun Chong said & ldquo; of these, indicating that they very much hope that their home design can integrate more belong to our own things, and for the novel and fashionable design idea, they than other age customers more willing to accept. If you can form a good communication, you should be able to achieve very good cooperation. So our designers will be based on each customer's background, working background and interest to do the design for customers. For 80 of the customer, this is a very necessary prerequisite. With this premise, the designer can personality and the utility of combining the design of customers, for example, in a can be used to do for the viewing platform on the small balcony, make a hidden hide bookcase. “ to occupy the customer's heart with outstanding practical personality, is the decoration company to win ‘ 80 ’ the key point of the customer. ”He told reporters that this year because of the more young people married, now in their place, “ 80 ” new homes decoration accounted for 60% to 50% of the proportion of all. It can be said, “ ‘ 80 ’ the decoration Group has become a group of A new force suddenly rises. Jiezhuang market. &rdquo Sun Chong.From the observation of Sun Chong's normal, “ 80 ” a family of new homes in the decoration style is different from their previous people. In the past, people seek in the decoration style is the stable atmosphere, with heavy dark red color on color, from the living room to the best bedroom a tedious ceiling is that style of interpretation. Today, “ 80 ” after the decoration is the pursuit of the simple and generous, to white, the most used local ceiling, each house as long as one or two bright spots. In short, a word — &mdash.New trend: light decoration and heavy accessoriesIn the past, people usually put a lot of money into the decoration, that beautiful living room is installed. Now, this view in the “ 80 ” a family here has quietly changed.Work time is short, savings is “ 80 ” a family of common features, the face of a house, the decoration of the double pressure, if not by virtue of “ &rdquo, almost no one can easily buy and refined decoration. Not hardcover it, it seems that I am sorry to buy a new house, in the face of economic and psychological pressure, “ 80 ” in the end how to do?Face such problems & ldquo; 80 & rdquo; who already have their own coup, that is in the decoration as far as possible to save money, then the saved some money into later featured on, this way can not only save a part of the funds, can also pretend to be beautiful, comfortable cabin. What is there against it?Designer Sun Chong admits, they have already noticed the young people in the home improvement of this new trend. To make a comparison, the original people are very attached to the decoration, accessories in the home is only a minor role; today's “ 80 ” they do not think so, in their home improvement, the proportion of the early decoration and post accessories currently has reached 1: 1, and even higher.Is a decorative Planning Manager Liu Hongsheng to reporters cited an example, there are a pair of & ldquo; 80 & rdquo; small husband and wife, their costs in the decoration than 3 million, but they only buy a set of stereo equipment spent 2 million. This shows, sofa, curtains, home appliances and other accessories in the late “ 80 ” where the beginning plays a pivotal role.He expected, in the next few years, sofa, curtains and other soft accessories in the decoration market will be popular. “ of course, the appearance of this phenomenon and ‘ after 80 ’ a kind of young people's consumption concept is not divided. The original decoration is only to live, and ‘ 80 ’ decoration is to enjoy, and thus formed a new culture — — ‘ home culture ’. ” Liu Hongsheng analysis.Decoration new fashion: focus on environmental protection, post serviceIn the small Lu home to see a circle, the reporter had to sigh with emotion to the extent of the small couple of environmental protection. Their new homes in Jinlong & middot; sunshine District, more than 100 square meters, not large, with green and white as the keynote, the highly decorated & ldquo; 80 & rdquo; personality characteristics. But one of the most let him proud of it is environmentally friendly, energy saving, according to his introduction, the house from lamps, taps to wall paint, floor and other options are energy-saving environmental protection type. “ although expensive to buy a point, but with the rest assured, but also for the country to save resources, more good things! ” Lu's pride shows between the lines.According to Liu Hongsheng said, in their reception of many customers, “ 80 ” customers are most willing to put forward their views, the decoration is often willing to more thinking about some of the more personalized design details, the requirements of environmental protection materials than other customers are more serious, these are “ 80 ” different from other customers.He told reporters that the original people decoration, do not value the price, and then the decoration can be regarded as & ldquo; soil decoration & rdquo; more slander on what energy saving and environmental protection the. And now the young people especially “ 80 ” early one abandoned the practice, they are valued in the decoration materials to energy saving, environmental protection, decoration quality to be guaranteed, there is a late service to be in place.Water saving, energy saving, energy saving, saving awareness of the festival and other energy conservation has become the consensus of the home improvement industry. Today, of course, we do not mean that we are advocating thrift, and it does not mean that we do not have a comfortable lifestyle. Today, more and more energy-saving products to take into account the scientific design and beautiful appearance, energy saving, comfortable two. And these, has become the focus of energy saving “ 80 ” when the first choice for home decoration products.
  • Working family decoration respected simple and practical
    & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; working-class decoration tend to pursue a pragmatic, because buy the & ldquo; debilitating & rdquo; extra money owing on the loan in addition to live. Therefore, a real decoration, both beautiful and generous and practical sway, really lets the working-class owners elusive! On the floor tile is practical: Floor tile is easy to wear pieces, is too low, generally do not wear, a long time easy to scratch, looks & ldquo; scarred & rdquo; your heart will subsequently regret, this time think of changing to a piece of a piece of cut up Hello, trouble! Secondly, too cheap tiles are mostly non slip, easy to cause accidental injury. And high-grade brand floor tile quality and quality are guaranteed, just look at the price you will feel at ease. So, our wage earners listen: buy tiles must not covet cheap, sloppy. Wire, pipe: second money, quality first:
  • What is the difference between living room decoration and decoration?
          with the improvement of people's living standards, the decoration and decoration from our daily life is becoming more and more close to become one of the important topics to talk about, but what is the difference between the decoration and decoration, but many people do not clear the concept. Decoration generally refers to the construction of the structure of the demolition, change, change, construction and other projects. Prior to the renovation activities, to the housing authority or the property management department approval to start, in order to ensure the scientific nature and rationality of the project construction program. Currently, many residential from the use of view, some are not necessarily convenient, reasonable, and therefore, many families do not destroy the overall structure of the house under the premise of the room. In order to achieve the purpose of easy living, comfortable and reasonable. Demolition: is to cause inconvenience to the daily life of the part, such as unnecessary doors, non bearing walls, etc.. Change: door, partition, circuit, upper and lower water pipe, to move and change the position of heating etc.. Change: it is to the original doors and windows, bathroom facilities, kitchen equipment, etc.. Made: is in the structure to create a permanent shape, such as the package of heating cover, the top of the ceiling, such as lamp pool. Large quantities of decoration, the use of funds, professional and technical strength, time is relatively long, so that every family should not only have to be careful, but also to the professional construction team to complete, in order to receive a satisfactory effect. Decoration is generally refers to the packaging on the building surface treatment, in order to improve the quality of living environment and prominent families of the personality, is generally to complete paint, paste, paste the link and other means. Therefore, in the interior decoration, do not have to go through the housing and property management departments of the consent, the family can make a decision. In decoration engineering, the most attention is the color of collocation, the proportion of coordination, art and daily use of the convenience, there is rich in emotional content and artistic pursuit of the project, this part of the project, by the family aesthetic ideas, economic strength, professional range, etc., the gap is very large. In the current our country housing conditions, saying the & ldquo; civil engineering not tamper & rdquo; is mainly refers to the decoration engineering, each family as often clean the room, constantly on their living environment decoration, in order to create a a change with each passing day, lively family living environment.